The Tri-City Landscape Park

The Tri-City Landscape Park

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Wydawnictwo: Pomorska Oficyna
ISBN: 9788391200766
Format 23.5x27.5cm
Rok wydania 2012
Oprawa twarda
Ilość stron 204
Dostępny w 5-7 dni
55,00 zł
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sprawdź koszty wysyłki
This album was created by nature. My job was to be in the right place, at the right time to capture a delightful image of nature on the photograph. I tried to faithfully represent reality. Yet, the reality is sometimes so beautiful that it appears almost unreal. Hence, with pictures I have been taking for many years now, I would like to bear witness as fully as possible of the genuine beauty that exists indeed. The aim of this album is to preserve in the mind, the finest preciousness of nature and yet so ephemeral and variable – our Polish landscape, the landscape of the Tri-city Landscape park. Presenting this album I would like to encourage those who still not discovered the beauty of our forests to make up for the serious neglect as soon as possible. So, let us go for a walk through the forest, dear readers. To seek adventure, sensation, delight or simply for the sake of a little exercise. To enrich the soul as well as mind…

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