Drawing Anatomy

Drawing Anatomy

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ISBN: 9781789500899
Format 15.2x23.5cm
Rok wydania 2019
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Ilość stron 351
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Dynamic and engaging, the human figure is an enduringly popular subject for artists, presenting constant challenges and many rewards. This comprehensive anatomy book covers everything you need to know to make accurate, convincing drawings of the figure. It shows the bone structure, muscle layers, and surface views of every part of the human body, as well as looking at how master artists have approached figures of all types. Topics include life drawing, the body in movement and clothing figures, and step-by-step projects show how you can apply anatomical knowledge to create successful drawings. Learn how to: * Portray muscle and bone structures that show at the skin's surface * Identify the muscles behind facial expressions * Draw a portrait step by step * Make convincing drawings of the body in movement * Create successful figure compositions

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