Critical flow at pressurized and ferr-surface conduits

Critical flow at pressurized and ferr-surface conduits

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The author proposes a redefinition of critical flow conditions that become universal for pressurised flows, free-surface flow conditions in any shape of channel cross-sectional areas. In fact, the Darcy-Weisbach formula gives the head loss over the length in either a circular pipe or open channel in the same way. The crucial obstacle in the use of the Moody diagram is that one needs to know a priori the relative roughness of the channel, so in fact the information on surface structural property should be known in advance. In practical applications this is not possible. The author proposes how to tackle this problem effectively and seriously with diagrams presented in the book. The book is factual, hard-hitting and definitely provides new, never-before-published material. Jerzy Hubert Mroz, formerly Senior Lecturer of Fluid Mechanics at the Faculty of Sanitary and Water Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. J.H. Mroz has over 40 years of experience teaching hydraulics to students. The Minister of Higher Education awarded him the Golden Cross of Merit for 25 years of work at the Warsaw University of Technology. In 2002-2006, the President of Warsaw appointed him member of the First Supervisory Board of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company in Warsaw. He is the co-author of important research work on free-surface and pressurised Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows, followed up with publications. His international contacts and visits include Great Britain (University College London, Imperial College University and Wallingford Research Station), the United States (Santa Barbara California University, San Diego State University and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Los Angeles), France (Service Hydrologique Centralisateur du Bassin de la Loire et de la Bretagne, Orleans, Laboratoire d'Hydraulique de France [LHF] and SOGREAH Laboratoire, Grenoble).

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