Lawyers English Language Coursebook 2e

Lawyers English Language Coursebook 2e

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‘The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook’ is a complete introduction to commercial legal English. It contains 452 pages of practical study material, including legal reading, writing and listening exercises and a full answer key. It is the perfect starting point for learners who are at pre-intermediate level in general English and continues all the way to a high-intermediate level of legal English. Learners can use this book over a long period of time, if necessary. The book has 10 units, including sections on the vocabulary of commercial contracts, forms of business (limited companies, traditional partnerships, LLPs, etc.) the language of company law and accurate legal writing. Each of the 10 units is divided into Section A (introducing new legal language) and Section B (legal language in use) for effective learning. There is also plenty of testing material to help learners remember the new grammar and vocabulary. Law firms and other employers require accuracy as well as a good knowledge of legal terminology, so the book has a strong focus on correcting grammar mistakes as well as teaching hundreds of new legal words. It contains examples of extracts from real documents such as commercial contracts, company formation documents and formal letters. We get great feedback about this book and employers, teachers and students often tell us it’s the clearest and most work-related legal English book available.

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