Going Mobile

Going Mobile

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Wydawnictwo: LektorKlett
ISBN: 9783125013537
Rok wydania 2014
Oprawa miękka
Ilość stron 120
Dostępny w 5-7 dni
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118,80 zł
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Delta Teacher Development Series A pioneering, multi-award-winning series of books for English Language Teachers with professional development in mind, blending theory, practice and development. The Delta Teacher Development Series features some of the best and most expert authors in ELT, writing about fundamental areas of professional interest to teachers today. Each title in the series has three distinctive parts – A, B and C, which focus in turn on theory, practice and development: A) What do you need to know? What have others in the profession said or written? What is the latest information? How are things changing? B) What can you do? What practical activities can you carry out? How can you and your students get the most out of your teaching? How can you help yourself to help them better? C) How can you develop from here? What is the next step? How can you go further as a teacher in your own professional development? Going Mobile is a ground-breaking resource book that helps teachers understand and implement mobile and hand-held learning in English Language Teaching. 2015 ELTONS Nominated Innovation in Teacher Resources. Visit www.deltapublishing.co.uk to see a sample.

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