Mother Earth

Mother Earth

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Mother Earth is the first album by the Dutch metal band Within Temptation. Featuring Sharon den Adel as the only vocalist the direction of the band changed from their doomy sound from the former EPs to a more symphonic style. The title song opens with a beautiful orchestral melody before powerful drumming and guitar riffs pumping in. "Ice Queen" reached number one in both the Netherlands and Belgium. With its prominent string arrangement and lyrical content, it was a fine song in the early zero's. Overall Mother Earth is an emotive and thoughtful collection of musical ideas overridden by some impressive vocal expressions. Side A 1. MOTHER EARTH 2. ICE QUEEN 3. OUR FAREWELL Side B 1. CAGED 2. THE PROMISE 3. NEVER-ENDING STORY Side C 1. DECEIVER OF FOOLS 2. INTRO (INSTRUMENTAL) 3. DARK WINGS 4. IN PERFECT HARMONY Side D 1. DECEIVER OF FOOLS (LIVE) BONUS TRACK 2. CAGED (LIVE) BONUS TRACK 3. CANDLES (LIVE) BONUS TRACK 4. ICE QUEEN (LIVE) BONUS TRACK

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